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Public Relations Internship
A Kart Club in Queensland has recently secured the professional services of a public relations officer at no cost to the club, via an internship with the local university.

In return for supplying the graduate student with invaluable practical experience, the club receives various public relations services at no charge including, regular media releases, website updates and social media campaigns, all of which have assisted the club with increasing their membership base.

The internship/work experience concept could also be adapted to cover a number of other key areas with in a club such as marketing and facility maintenance.


Hospitality Certificate
A Kart Club has paired with the local TAFE College’s Hospitality Course recently.  The partnership sees students co-ordinate the Club’s Canteen facilities at race events and gaining status achievements for Work Experience placements towards their Certificate in Hospitality.

In addition to gaining the experience, several of the students also now have a keen interest in the sport of karting.

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