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Building A Better Kart Club


As a Club – you have a few key questions from a membership standpoint to consider to ensure that everyone feels as though they are part of THEIR club:

  • What is the mood of the membership? Are they happy?
  • What are your entry numbers like year-on-year, month-on-month – what has changed positively or negatively?
  • Are you retaining members, increasing or decreasing year-on-year?
  • Why are people not renewing their membership and what can you do to change that?
  • Have you got the right membership options and the offering correct?
    • Single
    • Family
    • Social
    • Associate
  • What can you do to add value to each member?
    • Discounts from businesses or products owned by members
    • Social events at your clubhouse or another associated sporting bodies’ clubhouse
    • Other non-racing social activities – a family barbecue, Christmas party, Easter day
  • Are you promoting Membership to your club?
    • Karting display at your local speedway or other motorsport facility?
    • Display at a local footy ground
    • Manage the weekend Sausage sizzle on non-racing weekends at Bunnings or Dan Murphy’s to raise funds for the club
    • We’ll cover more local media in Communication
  • When you meet someone new at your club – have you got a facility to take their detail so you can follow them up? Download an Information Form here
  • Have you created an online database to communicate to Members and people of interest? Download a simple Excel document to get one started here
  • Are your facilities, on-site services and membership options acceptable to someone new to the sport and your local community?
  • What other sports and entertainment options are competing against you attracting members? And how can you both compete and work with them to attract new people?

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