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A Junior Competition License Holder is any driver from 7 to 15 that is eligible to enter a junior competition event.

There are three levels of Junior Competition License Holders:
– Cadet 9 (drivers from age 7 to 9 that will compete in the Cadet 9 category)
– Cadet 12 (drivers from 10-12 that will compete in the Cadet 12 category)
– Junior (drivers from 12-14 that will compete in Junior categories)

Any driver older than 15 must apply for a Senior Competition License

  • Every Junior Competition License Holder needs to be a financial member of a club before being issued with a license
  • Once completing the License Form and paying the annual License fee online, it must be printed and taken to the Club for confirmation by the Club Secretary
  • Every new Junior Competition License Holder needs to undergo an observed license test (OLT) in a kart at their track before being eligible to race
  • Each new Junior Competition License Holder must complete four club meetings with a P-Plate attached to the rear of their kart – this denotes to the Clerk of Course they are new to the sport and will be observed to ensure they are fit to race

To have a new Member apply for a Junior Competition License, they should click this link.

If the Member holds a Karting Australia license and is joining your club or is an existing license holder that wishes to renew their license, they should follow this link.

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