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To be an active competitor in Karting Australia competition, each driver must be a license holder and a financial member of a Karting Australia affiliated club.

At its basic core, there are three levels of driver:

  • Cadet – 6-12 years old (restrictions apply for six year olds)
  • Junior – 12-15 years old
  • Senior – 15+ years old

Licence Application on main Karting Australia page

There is no limitation on maximum age, however competitors over the age of 60 wishing to secure a license must undergo a medical and have a special dispensation form completed by their doctor (download and print form)

If returning to the sport – or crossing to karting from other forms of the sport – dispensation can be made for prior experience by completing this form.

Information for competitors wishing to complete internationally can be found here.

To race in New Zealand requires a Trans-Tasman Visa – a form for which can be completed here.


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