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Karting clubs, like many sports, fall into the habit of providing the same product month-in, month-out.

Like any activity, television show or restaurant – if you are served up the same thing every single time, sometimes it can become a little tiring – karting is no different.

Engage your Membership to make sure they become active in the club and mix it up:

  • Experiment with different race formats – does the Membership have any suggestions?
  •  Ensure they volunteer by providing incentives – such as product from club sponsors or club championship points – for members that volunteer for a race day

Having an idea of your most popular classes among the membership adds to the efficiency of a race meeting – here are some things to consider:

  • Look to combine classes rather than cancelling
    • Offer trophies or prizes for each class even if combined
    • If there is no call for a class in your club – don’t offer it – but be open should a member come with several extra members to get it up
  • What incentives can the club and local kart shops offer to boost numbers in some classes?
  • Fewer classes mean a quicker race meeting – can you change classes to another time?

Providing a fun and interesting race weekend is not just about on-track, off-track there are some important things that need to be done to ensure the environment is good for non-racing members of the family and non-racing supporters.

Remember – many of these could be potential sponsors and members for your club!

  • Is the canteen menu appealing?
    • Does your canteen/kitchen area meet Government health guidelines? Download a basic health checklist here (check your Local Government Area and State for specific requirements for your city)
    • Is your canteen offering healthy and enough food options to cater for various tastes – without producing excessive waste? (PRO TIP: good, real coffee and a great bacon and egg roll can never go wrong!)
    • To release pressure on club members – investigate if viable to engage a local person/organisation who understands catering to be your designated caterer and share takings? You may have someone in your club that can do this!
  • Do you have a volunteer responsible for cleaning?
    • Check Toilet paper, soap, hand towel etc stocks one week before the meeting and re-stock if necessary – stockists for these items are potential club sponsors!
    • During a race meeting – check the bathrooms every two hours:
      • Mop the floors
      • Check the Toilet Paper
      • Ensure the bowls and trough are clean
      • Make sure no toilet is blocked
      • Make sure no taps are running
      • Do the bathrooms smell nice?
    • Check the canteen area every two hours and clean (with different instruments to those used for the toilet area)
      • Clean up any rubbish around the canteen
      • Sweep the floors (mop if necessary)
      • Wipe down tables and any condiment service areas
      • Check the drink fridges and re-stock if necessary
      • Re-stock food supplies to assist cooking volunteers/staff in busy periods

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